Wrapping Up

When I chose Standardized Testing as my topic for my 20% project, I did not know what to expect. I chose it because it was something that was relevant to me and I was interested in the effects it had. I would have never imagined I would learn so much about how it affects so many people in the education system. Taking a look back on all of the research I have gathered, there are many pros and cons to the issue. What I found was most important was the future solutions that came along with the problems with testing. What can the system do differently to create a more holistic view of student’s performance? And, more importantly, how can they go about achieving this and where are the funds going to come from? Some suggest having portfolios of class work and projects to give a more creative curriculum and others suggest common core aligned tests, not just multiple choice, one answer questions. The issue can become very sticky when all of the problems are revealed. What is most important is that the student’s educational needs are kept at the forefront of all debates and their interests always come first when making decision. Because after all, everything the school system does is for the children. I am so pleased with my decision to explore Standardized Testing more deeply. I feel that I have looked at both sides of the issue and come out with a lot of knowledge about the topic. I plan to keep up with different decisions that are being made regarding Standardized testing in the future.


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